It broke up, I didn’t!

Though inevitable, it was unexpected for time being. I knew a day would come when my dear Nexus would give up to finally rest in peace. It was shocking because it showed no signs beforehand suddenly going blank and never coming back to life again. I was traumatized.

Buying a new device was the only choice I had. Desperate times, desparate measures. This was probably the first time in my life when I was not happy buying a new gadget. Oh Nexus, what a beauty you were! It’s not that it was the best phone out there, but the experience it gave was definitely the best. Perfect dimensions, aesthetically placed fingerprint scanner and the matte finish back felt so good in hand. And its camera, oh my god, is something I’m definitely going to miss, if not anything else. The combo of camera hardware and the Google camera app gave such amazing shots even compared to 2018 phones.

All my attempts to fix the device are in vain and I’ve now concluded that there’s no way out. I know embracing materialistic things is not beneficial, but somehow I’ll need some time to overcome my attachment with the phone. As they say in love, time heels everything. It died doing what it did the best – excelling, it died a hero. The only way to describe it would be – “you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villian”

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वो भी क्या दिन थे ग़ालिब,
जब हम किसी और के लिऐ जिया करते थे।
खुद की खुशी छोड़, किसी और के ग़म में समाया करते थे।

ना जाने कहा से वो लहर आयी,
हमारी कष्टी को आपसे दूर कर गयी।
किनारे पे बारीश तो मौसम सुहाना बना गयी,
और हमे भीतरी तूफान से लड़ने को मजबूर कर गयी।

आंसू तो हमारे हमेशा ही वफादार थे,
आज मगर आंखों ने जज़्बात बया कर दिए।
आपको भूल के मुस्कुराए ऐसे नज़ारे अब ना रहे,
इन यादों के सहारे जीने के चंद बहाने बस रह गए।

खुद को खुशनसीब समझेंगे जो आप हमे याद किये,
और मुस्कुराएंगे आपके लिए सारे शिक़वे भुलाकर।
धरती पर चाहे फासले कितने ही क्यों ना रहे,
हम तो आपके साथ चलेंगे आसमान बनकर।


I’m Rocking – A journey back to life

“It was February 14. His eyes were closed, he was completely unconscious but the moment I saw him breathing, I knew he would make it through. I knew he would come back for me. Kashmir needed him more than me”, she said wiping her tears of joy. 

CRPF 45th batallion swung into action to take down the terrorists hiding in Kashmir. The poor terrorists did not know that this company was led by a lion. Planned with no backup, the army trapped the terrorists and launched the attacks. To their surprise, back fire was impressive but Indian army never aborts the mission incomplete. He could see a badly injured soldier was fighting for life and immediately reached for rescue. By the time they could take cover, he could feel his abdomen bleeding. A true leader and a braveheart smashed the door open and charged in. So engrossed that he was to take down the terrorists, that he didn’t even realize the bullets had already penetrated his torso. But stopping that “Cheetah” was impossible. 

The fierce gun battle neutralized the dreaded LeT militants. By this time, he was seriously injured with bullets in his skull, abdomen and the right eye profusely bleeding. Though he was loosing consiousness, he did not let his rifle go silent​. His love for the motherland exceptionally transcended the physical pain. As long as he was consious, he kept emptying the magazine. Soldiers’ unmatched courage accomplished the mission and Cheetah has to be air lifted to AIIMS, New Delhi. He was in coma for two months, and it was no less than a miracle that he was alive.

“I am rocking”, he said when wheeled out of hospital. CRPF and the nation is proud of Chetan Kumar Cheetah, who set an example of great valor, exemplary courage and extra ordinary bravery. It’s high time for society to become sensitive towards bravehearts fighting on border and within. It’ll definitely give a sense of comfort to members of armed forces and their loved ones.


So when you find yourself locked onto an unpleasant train of thought, heading for places in your past where screaming is unbearable, remember there’s always madness. 

Madness is the emergency exit. 


The One With Living in Chennai

Here I am on Chennai airport waiting to board the flight to Pune. Thanks to Infosys, I’ve lived for 13 months in Chennai. Never in my life have I ever thought I would be spending so long time in Chennai. Not that I’m complaining, in fact these days were quite exciting. I’ve seen two horrific natural disasters Chennai has ever experienced. 2015 ended with floods and 2016 with cyclone Vardah. From enjoying with 8 roommates in a 3BHK flat to sudden transfer to Pune, Chennai what can be said, was a roller coaster ride! Reactions from relatives when they came to know that I live in Chennai always made me feel badass! It sometimes gave me feeling that not hailing from southern India, if you’ve survived this long in Chennai, you can live anywhere in India. 

Chettipuniyam, Lograj and his pantars, Hari Bhoj, Alekh, Aqualily, Hygrewar, Streak, Water guy Mari, Ashoka, MasterChef Sanjay, Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry,  local train journeys, B2-301, 31st December party and numerous others will flash in mind recalling Chennai days. Not all days were enjoyable, few were the days which I’m glad now that they’ve already passed, but will be remembered always! 

If what made Chennai livable is a question which otherwise would’ve been a hell, an excellent friend circle is the only answer, period. Now that I’m leaving Chennai, I think there will hardly be an “opportunity” again to spend such a long time in this city. And I’m glad that it has given me memories to cherish! 



Silence: All Golden

​Silence. It’s a beautiful and yet powerful tool in conversation. I mean in real conversation, not chats. Silence can sometimes be confusing in chats, but impactful in conversations. It kinda sooths conversation. Saying everything in a flow can make one sound arrogant and it can convert a discussion to an unwanted debate. Say the same thing taking a couple of pauses and it can do wonders! Pause at the right time when trying to prove something, it hits hard straight to the point. When used in jokes for judging the audience’s reaction and then finishing the joke can make it a bit funnier. Even when the situation isn’t that funny, silence makes it less intense. You use it any way, it can work for you. The beauty is that even when there’s nothing to talk about, you can just smile at the other person and enjoy the silence. It can make the other person come back from long lost thoughts to present. 

Let your silence always speak for you, loud and clear! Peace.

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Lesson For A Happier Life

I don’t browse Facebook everyday. But when I do so, I get bored really quick and then obviously I log out. So I came across this wonderful video today. I remember watching similar video for the first time back in some orientation program at IIT Home. I liked it then as I liked it today.

Philosophy professor enters the class. To everyone’s surprise, instead of taking out his laptop, today he had brought an empty jar along with few golf balls. Keeping it on the table he put all these golf balls in the jar. A fine eye-contact with every student and he asks, “Is this jar full?”

“Yes”, answered students in unison.

Smiling, professor took out a fistful of pebbles from his bag and put them in the jar. Pebbles adjusted in voids between the golf balls.

“So, is the jar full now?”, professor asked again.

‘Yes, sir’ was the answer.

The smiling professor this time took out a smaller bag containing sand which he poured in the jar. Sand adjusted itself occupying remaining empty space in the jar. Professor again asked the same question to students.

“Yes, sir”, replied students, this time with more confidence.

Expecting the same answer, professor now took out a pint of beer from his bag which started giggles in the audience. He proved that jar could still be filled with beer as it percolated through the sand.

“Now my dear friends, the jar is full. Imagine the jar as your life. The golf balls are the most important things for you like your family, friends, your health, happiness etc. These should be of the highest priority. Pebbles, some other slightly less important things like your car, job or money. The sand on the other hand, is like all other remaining things, which are of even lesser priority. If you decide to pour sand first in the jar, it’ll occupy the jar and you won’t have space for pebbles and balls. If you spend energy for small stuff, you won’t have time for really important stuff that matters to you the most. Set your priorities because everything else is just sand.”

A curious student raised the hand and asked, “Sir, what does the beer represent?”

“I’m glad you asked that”, said professor smiling and continued,”It means no matter how full your life appears to be, there’s always room for a couple of beers with friends!”