Freedom? Who Cares?

The sun, the sky, breeze was the same, it was just another day for the world; but for India, it was the biggest victory and history was made. Indians boycott British rule and now it is a bright, colorful and independent nation. Free as a bird! The same Sun was now giving rays of new hopes, the same sky was the canvas of expectations and the breeze with fragrance of pride and happiness. Thousands sacrificed their lives, their families for India to become free. It was the day to remember those whose hard work had paid off and people could see this day. India was now ready to climb heights of mountains and joined other nations in the journey.

And here we are, another year passed by and it’s August 15, 2014. Same day, same vibrant, colorful yet younger India somewhere in the middle of its journey to reach the peak. On this occasion, we remember those great personalities who fought for us to see this day. They gave us freedom and we enjoyed it. They gave us power and we utilized it. They gave us lessons, did we learn? They say freedom isn’t free. Thousands had to pay their lives, they still do, every other day. On boundaries near fences, on the sea, in the snow, in forests. But who cares? We celebrate our freedom every day and remember war heroes for (only) two days.

It’s I-Day, we remember them. Republic day will come, we’ll remember them again. Repeat.


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