Sapno Ko Ginte Ginte… Subah Ho Gayi…

Whatever may be the reason, but since almost last year, I didn’t get much time to watch movies and that made me very selective in watching. Recently, I got a chance to watch a very touching Bollywood movie- Hawaa Hawaai. Lately, Indian movies have hardly anything to watch and that may be a reason why I said I’ve become selective in watching movies. But this Hawaa Hawaai is an entirely different affair. The movie is equally inspirational what they’ve shown in teasers but the difference is that it’s way more touching.

The movie revolves around a group of kids, all from extremely poor background. Arjun Harishchandra Waghmare, who plays the lead role is renamed as Raju by his boss- Bhatt, chaiwallah. The storyline goes like this: Arjun, while he distributes tea, gets introduced to the game of skating and falls in love with the sport. His mentor-Aniket Bhargava, who runs skating coaching nearby agrees to teach him the sport. While Arjun’s friends manage to develop skates out of waste, Aniket realizes Arjun’s potential for the sport and trains him for district championship. The movie is all about how each one of them struggles for one dream of Arjun winning the championship. The movie is excellent but what touched me the most was the way director- Amole Gupte has portrayed the financial gap between rich and poor.

Since these kids have financially very weak background, they haven’t been to even the elementary schools. All kids are the only earning men for their families so they’ve to work to allow their families to breathe. Arjun distributes tea, Gochi works for a mechanic and one has the task of collecting plastic waste from streets while other one sells gajra on streets. The song- Sapno Ko Ginte Ginte Subah Ho Gayi showcases the timeline of what these poor kids and others do throughout their day.

Here the day starts in a hurry finishing the juice as they’re late for school while there it starts with arranging the chairs of tea-stall, cleaning the car repairing shop and managing a sack for collecting waste plastic. Here, we are assembled in school prayer room and there they are fixing the flat tire and filling up buckets of water for making tea. Here we are painting our canvas imagining things and there they are cleaning others’ houses and asking sahaab to buy gajra for his wife or girlfriend. Here we are figuring out the molecular weight of compound and there they are collecting empty cans of paint colors. Here we are opening our lunchboxes in excitement and sharing the sweets with all dear friends. There they are sitting by the roadside and having stale bread or a raw chapati with tea. Here we are boarding our school buses or taxis or cars to reach home and there they are still working in the hope of some extra income.  

Everyone in this world have dreams. Who is the one without any dream? Some achieve what they want, fulfill their dreams. Some others aren’t fortunate enough to fulfill theirs. Look at them, aren’t we fortunate?

At last-

Sapnon Ko Ginte Ginte ..
Subah Jo Ho Gai

Ho..Apna-Apna Meetha Sapna
Satrangi Ke Neeche Dafna
Ho..Apna-Apna Meetha Sapna
Satrangi Ke Neeche Dafna
Hai Pada Din Bhar Wo Dekhe
Nanhe Kaandhon Ki Kamaan
Hai Bojhil-Bojhil Aasman
Peeth Hai Tooti, Kismat Hai Roothi
Choohon Ki Is Race Mein

Sapnon Ko Ginte Ginte ..
Subah Jo Ho Gai
Apne Hi Saaye Main Dhoondhun
Chhaiyan Sapne Dekhne


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