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Paralyzed Society

This is just another Kush Kataria case. A kid with no fault of his, has lost life, murdered brutally. Not for money, not for power but just because the kid humiliated the murderer in front of a couple a people. Murderer could not bear this insult; so kidnapped the boy and killed the innocence. An eight year boy hammered with a stone on head till he stops breathing. Harsh!

This is the real society we all live in. We talk about having high-end amenities for comfort and rapid development in India, but are we in a position to bear and maintain this development? With these incidents have become just common, what would we do with our iPad or Jaguar when we don’t have our loved ones to share our joy with? May it be murders, rapes, dacoits or riots isn’t our crime rate exceeding way too much? And where do these criminals come from? Aren’t they the same people from our neighborhood everyday we hangout with? These crimes are Paralysis and Cancer to society.  Is this how we’re going to make place better? We talk about bringing the change and yes it is coming, but not the right way. We don’t just need development, but sustainable development with sustainable society.


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