We all wish that the festival of lamps brings happiness, prosperity, wealth, good health and success in everyone’s life. Why not to give happiness to someone we know this Diwali?

Let’s give some sweets to the man who cleans the road in front of our house every day.

Let’s give few more bucks to auto driver who takes my sister to school.

Let’s decide to help our maid in cleaning the house, after all she’ll be cleaning others’ houses too.  Isn’t it a good idea to give few namkeen to her?

Let’s donate a t-shirt that we do not use anymore to boy who brings newspaper every morning.

Let’s not purchase any Chinese decoration lamps, traditional diya looks great!

Let’s promise ourselves to reduce the crackers we burst every time and give some to kids at the construction site nearby. Also let’s decide to clean the area after we burst crackers. We all are working for a clean India, aren’t we?

Let’s decide to have a wonderful Diwali this time.

Everyone isn’t as fortunate as we are, lets include them in our happiness. Let’s increase smiles. Let’s celebrate a better Diwali.

Happy Diwali!

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