The Sun and The Earth

“Have you heard about the poem of the sun and the earth?” Sati asked Shiva.

They were standing on the balcony of the governor’s palace while a boisterous party raged inside.

“No,” said Shiva with a seductive grin, coming a little closer to her. “But I’d love to hear it.”

“Apparently the earth sometimes thinks of the possibility of coming closer to the sun,” said Sati. “But she can’t so that. She is so base and his brilliance so searing, that she will cause destruction is she draws him closer.”

What now?

“I disagree,” said Shiva. “I think the sun burns only as long as the earth is close to him. If the earth wasn’t there, there would be no reason for the sun to exist.”

“The sun doesn’t exist just for the earth. It exists for every single planet on the solar system.”

“Isn’t it really the sun’s choice for whom he chooses to exist?”

“No,” said Sati, looking at Shiva, melancholic. “The moment he became the sun, his calling became higher. He does not exist for himself. He exists for the greater good of everyone. His luminosity is the lifeblood of the solar system. And if the earth has any sense of responsibility, she will not do anything to destroy this balance.”

“So, what should the sun do?” asked Shiva, his hurt and anger showing his face. “Just waste his entire life burning away? Looking at the earth from a distance?”

“The earth isn’t going anywhere. The sun and the earth can still share a warm friendship. But anything more is against laws. It is against the interests of the others.”

-The Immortals of Meluha


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