Recently, Infosys got way too obsessed with RCOEM and recruited more than 300 undergrads. My college returned the favour with Foundation Program 4.0. Who are burdened? Of course, those 300 lucky undergrads. Here’s my point of view why this FP is bullshit.

1. FP is conducted by college faculty

Why? Aren’t my professors frustrated enough teaching me for last six semesters? I’m not doubting capability of faculty, but honestly, FP would have been somewhat interesting with Infosys educators on board.

2. Looooooong weekends

At RCOEM, I already miss the five-day a week schedule. And now this FP expect me to spend six long hours on fine Sundays. Great!

3. Even more assignments and Project?

I’m really very happy completing my regular college assignments, please no more shitty assignments. How can educators expect more copy-pasting from me, when they’ve already evaluated more than enough? (Fair point, isn’t it?)


4. Isn’t this FP an overhead?

FP is being introduced in an already short-duration even semester. With project, tests, assignments, journals and project report completions and end semester approaching rapidly, is adding something like this a good idea? Are those conducting this FP even concerned? (Oops, they say they are!)

5. What about my exams scheduled on weekends?

This is just the right time for my entrance exams. May it be GRE, TOEFL, GATE, CAT, CMAT, IELTS, CET, CEED all are scheduled somewhat in this duration, when should I prepare for them? My GRE centre is at Hyderabad, how would I be able to attend FP?


6. There’s money involved too!

I’ve heard that at Mysore training centre Infy pays about Rs 18k per month. And I’m paying “infrastructure fees” for FP. (Yehi toh scam hai ji! 😐) Plus, this FP would cut short training period, so ultimately I’ll have less or no time to enjoy at Mysore.


7. Is it really useful?

After all this, even if I didn’t get to join training at Mysore by October, is this “foundation” be useful? Fair point that FP would lessen the burden, but is it really worth?

8. I feel betrayed!

Yes, sources say that college had this FP planned way before the recruiter declared the result. Why didn’t they tell me about this, when I was about to finally choose between Infosys and Tech Mahindra?


Let’s hope for the best! (I love RCOEM and Infy equally. So please don’t fire me and let me appear for end sem! :-))


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