The Secret of All Secrets

“New philosophies today blame desire for everything. Desire is the root cause of all suffering, all destruction, right?”

“Yes Guruji“, said a student.

“Please explain”, said the teacher.

“Because desire creates attachment. Attachments to this world. And, when you don’t get what you want or get what you don’t want, it leads to suffering. This leads to anger. And that to violence and wars. Which finally results in destruction”

“So, if you want to avoid destruction you should control your desires, right?”, asked the teacher. “Give up maya, the illusion of this world?”

Shiva, from the other side of the curtain answered silently. Yes.

“But the Rig Veda, one of our main sources of philosophy,” continued the teacher, “says that in the beginning of time,there was nothing except the darkness and the primordial flood. Then out of this darkness, desire was born. Desire was the primal seed, the germ of creation. And from there we all know that the Prajapati, the Lord of the Creatures, created the universe and everything in it. So in a sense, desire is the root of creation as well.”

Shiva was mesmerized by the voice on the other side of the curtain. Good point.

“How can desire be the source of creation as well as destruction?”

The students were quite, stumped for answers.

“Think about this in another way. Is it possible to destroy anything that has not been created?”

“No, Guruji.

“On the other hand, Is it safe to assume that anything that has been created, has to be destroyed at some point of time?”

“Yes,” answered a student.

“That is the purpose of desire. It is for creation and destruction. It is the beginning and the end of a journey. Without desire there is nothing.”

-The Secret of the Nagas


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