Without a Past – Part 1

“Why the hell did you hire her? Who does that when having several better options?” said Kirti entering the capacious balcony in Kunal’s private mansion.

“Kunal Narang, as they call me. And do you really think she’s not qualified for this position?” answered smiling Kunal as he turned back to see his best friend.

“She’s absolutely qualified for the job, but she won’t be doing night shifts. She mentioned it quite clearly and you still hired her?” Kirti trying to make more sense.

“I like her cavernous, meditative eyes. And did you know she’s the first girl I found who wasn’t highly excited with me around?”

“Oh I see, seems like playboy has already begun flirting with the new recruit, huh?”

“Of course, we had coffee and breakfast together. Just the two of us!” Kunal winked.

“Well, that’s nothing new for me. But buddy, I’m really worried about this position. It’s too much work and she won’t be able to work….” Kirti patted on Kunal’s biceps as he interrupted.

“I know, don’t worry. We do have huge staff. And if anything goes wrong, I know you’re there.”

“You always take me for granted, don’t you?”

“Like always, always. And she’ll be coming for tonight’s party”, smiled Kunal as he pulled Kirti for a hug. She reassuringly rested her head on Kunal’s chest.

~ ~ ~

Kunal looked up staring at bright white stars as a boisterous party raged downstairs. He either needed to be alone for thinking or someone very close to him, in which case, Kirti would always accompany him.

“You were absolutely right, sir”, said a soft feminine voice. “But don’t you think, Mr. Thakur won’t be with us for next contract?” Pratyusha continued as she walked up to Kunal.

He was happy seeing her there and nodded.

“There have been a few similar incidents before. And Thakur is just my client. I don’t care about the incident downstairs, I don’t care even if he discontinues this project. I’ve lost more important people in my life.” Kunal took a deep breath.

“I am sincerely thankful to you sir. I really needed this job”, said Pratyusha getting less personal.

“I like your eyes. I could read my thoughts in them. It reminds me of my parents, my dear ones who left me……” Kunal continued talking, he knew he was falling for her. “What’s your story? I don’t know much about you.”

“What do you want to know, sir?”

“Why did you refuse night shifts, even when the pay is really good?” asked Kunal curiously and continued “of course, only if it’s fine for you to tell me.”

“I have a past, sir. I think it’s late, I should leave now. See you tomorrow”, said Pratyusha as she walked past him.

~~~ ❤ ❤ ❤ ~~~

to be continued….


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