Without a Past – Part 3

This is the final part of the story ‘Without a Past’. Find previous parts here: Without a Past – Part 1  and Without a Past – Part 2

A couple of days later….

“Kirti, have you seen Pratyusha?” asked Kunal from the other room.

Kirti walked in with an envelope in a hand. Pin drop silence, she handed it over to Kunal. He was traumatized to see Pratyusha had resigned. His worst nightmare had come true.

“Did she know about yesterday?” asked saddened Kunal. “I feel so sorry, Kirti. What do I do now?”

“Maybe she knows. Do meet her and apologize. Tell her you trust her, that you love her. Let her know it was impossible for you to avoid meeting Veer. I’m sure she’ll understand”, Kirti’s confidence helped him. Anyhow Kunal knew how to reach Pratyusha.

“If you trusted me, why did you go to meet him?” Pratyusha was joined by Kunal and Kirti. “There was a reason I asked you not to visit him. Look at you, you can’t even keep promise for a few days. Veer kept his promise till his last breath”, Pratyusha wasn’t crying but she was deeply hurt.

“What do you mean….” asked Kunal but was interrupted by Pratyusha.

“Since the time you met him yesterday, he stopped reacting to treatment. You’re right Kunal, Veer died a couple of hours ago. Do you really think, it is natural death?” Pratyusha was now in teary eyed. “Answer me, Kunal, answer me.”

“Yes, it is”, said a voice across door. It was Veer’s father joining the conversation. “I’ve treated you like my daughter, Pratyusha. Don’t blame him for my son’s death. Veer died because he saw that there’s Kunal to take care of you. I’m sure he must have celebrated the moment within himself knowing that Kunal love you, the way he loved you. He just wanted to see you happy Pratyusha. He took his last breath when he came to know about Kunal.”

“Trust me, I don’t hold you responsible”, he continued, this time speaking to Kunal. “If my son died just because you visited him, I thank you for freeing my son and me from extreme pain. Don’t feel bad about it, but as a tribute to Veer, always keep her happy”, he said, pointing to Pratyusha and left the room.

“How and why should I trust you?” asked Pratyusha.

“You’re misunderstanding, dear. It wasn’t about you, but me….” Kunal was trying to convince Pratyusha.

“Enough you guys”, Kirti lost her patience. “Pratyusha, tell me, do you love Kunal?”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s morally incorrect…”

“We’ll decide that later”, interrupted Kirti. “Just tell me, do you love him or not? I’ve troubled myself enough to make up my mind. It’s just for you, I’m letting go of my right for Kunal. Just for you, I’m letting him go. Nevertheless, even he knows how much I love him. We have always been more than just best friends. Whatever it is, you guys fix it among you. I can’t always come for setting things right between you guys. My heart can’t afford that”, Kirti walked away with a heavy heart.

“You can’t afford losing Kunal Narang, Pratyusha. Please say yes”, said Kunal staring deep into her eyes.

“Maybe Kirti is right, when I had agreed for marriage with Veer, I didn’t really love him. I still gave him a chance and he succeeded. I know living with this past won’t be easy. But I love you, Kunal and at this point, it is more than enough for me. Let’s go”, Pratyusha’s smile made Kunal’s day.


Fast forward few years….

Kunal and Pratyusha got married but the almighty had different plan for them. The poor couple’s joy didn’t last long. In an untoward incident, some a group of people attacked Kunal and Pratyusha on their way to home. Well he did save her but not without an injury on her head. The injury turned fatal and took a toll on Pratyusha’s memory.

“Hurry up, Kunal, we’re already late. You know she doesn’t like you being late”, said Kirti as she stepped out of Kunal’s Mercedes.

Kunal rang the doorbell. “Hi Vaishali aunty, are we late? Where is Pratyusha?” he greeted as she opened the door.

“There she is. Happy birthday Pratyusha!” Kunal and Kirti exclaimed as they saw her sitting on the couch.

“Thank you so much and yes, you guys are late by a minute and half”, she said as she stood up to hug them. Pratyusha then ran to bedroom with a piece of cake after cake-cutting ceremony and everyone can hear a Thank you in her happy voice coming from inside.

“She forgot everything about us, our marriage, the love we had, every single thing….” said Kunal to Kirti as they watched Pratyusha talking to hypothetical Veer from window. “All she carries is the burden of thoughts about what Veer has done for her. The commotion left no past for us.”

“It’s been a couple of years, Kunal. You should probably tell her the truth now”, suggested Kirti.

“She won’t be able to handle it. I still love her the same, so it doesn’t matter to me. She doesn’t know who I am, but I still know she’s my wife. I can make it work.”

“What if she comes to know the truth somehow? Will you be able to deal with it?” asked Kirti out of curiosity.

“Well I don’t know that. But I do know that you’ll always be there for me” replied Kunal.

“You always take me for granted, don’t you?”

“Like always, always”, Kunal winked at Kirti and both burst into laughter.

~~~ ❤ ❤ ❤ ~~~

The End

Inspired by Mitwa


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