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Lesson For A Happier Life

I don’t browse Facebook everyday. But when I do so, I get bored really quick and then obviously I log out. So I came across this wonderful video today. I remember watching similar video for the first time back in some orientation program at IIT Home. I liked it then as I liked it today.

Philosophy professor enters the class. To everyone’s surprise, instead of taking out his laptop, today he had brought an empty jar along with few golf balls. Keeping it on the table he put all these golf balls in the jar. A fine eye-contact with every student and he asks, “Is this jar full?”

“Yes”, answered students in unison.

Smiling, professor took out a fistful of pebbles from his bag and put them in the jar. Pebbles adjusted in voids between the golf balls.

“So, is the jar full now?”, professor asked again.

‘Yes, sir’ was the answer.

The smiling professor this time took out a smaller bag containing sand which he poured in the jar. Sand adjusted itself occupying remaining empty space in the jar. Professor again asked the same question to students.

“Yes, sir”, replied students, this time with more confidence.

Expecting the same answer, professor now took out a pint of beer from his bag which started giggles in the audience. He proved that jar could still be filled with beer as it percolated through the sand.

“Now my dear friends, the jar is full. Imagine the jar as your life. The golf balls are the most important things for you like your family, friends, your health, happiness etc. These should be of the highest priority. Pebbles, some other slightly less important things like your car, job or money. The sand on the other hand, is like all other remaining things, which are of even lesser priority. If you decide to pour sand first in the jar, it’ll occupy the jar and you won’t have space for pebbles and balls. If you spend energy for small stuff, you won’t have time for really important stuff that matters to you the most. Set your priorities because everything else is just sand.”

A curious student raised the hand and asked, “Sir, what does the beer represent?”

“I’m glad you asked that”, said professor smiling and continued,”It means no matter how full your life appears to be, there’s always room for a couple of beers with friends!”






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