Silence: All Golden

​Silence. It’s a beautiful and yet powerful tool in conversation. I mean in real conversation, not chats. Silence can sometimes be confusing in chats, but impactful in conversations. It kinda sooths conversation. Saying everything in a flow can make one sound arrogant and it can convert a discussion to an unwanted debate. Say the same thing taking a couple of pauses and it can do wonders! Pause at the right time when trying to prove something, it hits hard straight to the point. When used in jokes for judging the audience’s reaction and then finishing the joke can make it a bit funnier. Even when the situation isn’t that funny, silence makes it less intense. You use it any way, it can work for you. The beauty is that even when there’s nothing to talk about, you can just smile at the other person and enjoy the silence. It can make the other person come back from long lost thoughts to present. 

Let your silence always speak for you, loud and clear! Peace.


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