Here I am on Chennai airport waiting to board the flight to Pune. Thanks to Infosys, I’ve lived for 13 months in Chennai. Never in my life have I ever thought I would be spending so long time in Chennai. Not that I’m complaining, in fact these days were quite exciting. I’ve seen two horrific natural disasters Chennai has ever experienced. 2015 ended with floods and 2016 with cyclone Vardah. From enjoying with 8 roommates in a 3BHK flat to sudden transfer to Pune, Chennai what can be said, was a roller coaster ride! Reactions from relatives when they came to know that I live in Chennai always made me feel badass! It sometimes gave me feeling that not hailing from southern India, if you’ve survived this long in Chennai, you can live anywhere in India. 

Chettipuniyam, Lograj and his pantars, Hari Bhoj, Alekh, Aqualily, Hygrewar, Streak, Water guy Mari, Ashoka, MasterChef Sanjay, Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry,  local train journeys, B2-301, 31st December party and numerous others will flash in mind recalling Chennai days. Not all days were enjoyable, few were the days which I’m glad now that they’ve already passed, but will be remembered always! 

If what made Chennai livable is a question which otherwise would’ve been a hell, an excellent friend circle is the only answer, period. Now that I’m leaving Chennai, I think there will hardly be an “opportunity” again to spend such a long time in this city. And I’m glad that it has given me memories to cherish! 



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