I’m Rocking – A journey back to life

“It was February 14. His eyes were closed, he was completely unconscious but the moment I saw him breathing, I knew he would make it through. I knew he would come back for me. Kashmir needed him more than me”, she said wiping her tears of joy. 

CRPF 45th batallion swung into action to take down the terrorists hiding in Kashmir. The poor terrorists did not know that this company was led by a lion. Planned with no backup, the army trapped the terrorists and launched the attacks. To their surprise, back fire was impressive but Indian army never aborts the mission incomplete. He could see a badly injured soldier was fighting for life and immediately reached for rescue. By the time they could take cover, he could feel his abdomen bleeding. A true leader and a braveheart smashed the door open and charged in. So engrossed that he was to take down the terrorists, that he didn’t even realize the bullets had already penetrated his torso. But stopping that “Cheetah” was impossible. 

The fierce gun battle neutralized the dreaded LeT militants. By this time, he was seriously injured with bullets in his skull, abdomen and the right eye profusely bleeding. Though he was loosing consiousness, he did not let his rifle go silent​. His love for the motherland exceptionally transcended the physical pain. As long as he was consious, he kept emptying the magazine. Soldiers’ unmatched courage accomplished the mission and Cheetah has to be air lifted to AIIMS, New Delhi. He was in coma for two months, and it was no less than a miracle that he was alive.

“I am rocking”, he said when wheeled out of hospital. CRPF and the nation is proud of Chetan Kumar Cheetah, who set an example of great valor, exemplary courage and extra ordinary bravery. It’s high time for society to become sensitive towards bravehearts fighting on border and within. It’ll definitely give a sense of comfort to members of armed forces and their loved ones.


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