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वो भी क्या दिन थे ग़ालिब,
जब हम किसी और के लिऐ जिया करते थे।
खुद की खुशी छोड़, किसी और के ग़म में समाया करते थे।

ना जाने कहा से वो लहर आयी,
हमारी कष्टी को आपसे दूर कर गयी।
किनारे पे बारीश तो मौसम सुहाना बना गयी,
और हमे भीतरी तूफान से लड़ने को मजबूर कर गयी।

आंसू तो हमारे हमेशा ही वफादार थे,
आज मगर आंखों ने जज़्बात बया कर दिए।
आपको भूल के मुस्कुराए ऐसे नज़ारे अब ना रहे,
इन यादों के सहारे जीने के चंद बहाने बस रह गए।

खुद को खुशनसीब समझेंगे जो आप हमे याद किये,
और मुस्कुराएंगे आपके लिए सारे शिक़वे भुलाकर।
धरती पर चाहे फासले कितने ही क्यों ना रहे,
हम तो आपके साथ चलेंगे आसमान बनकर।


I’m Rocking – A journey back to life

“It was February 14. His eyes were closed, he was completely unconscious but the moment I saw him breathing, I knew he would make it through. I knew he would come back for me. Kashmir needed him more than me”, she said wiping her tears of joy. 

CRPF 45th batallion swung into action to take down the terrorists hiding in Kashmir. The poor terrorists did not know that this company was led by a lion. Planned with no backup, the army trapped the terrorists and launched the attacks. To their surprise, back fire was impressive but Indian army never aborts the mission incomplete. He could see a badly injured soldier was fighting for life and immediately reached for rescue. By the time they could take cover, he could feel his abdomen bleeding. A true leader and a braveheart smashed the door open and charged in. So engrossed that he was to take down the terrorists, that he didn’t even realize the bullets had already penetrated his torso. But stopping that “Cheetah” was impossible. 

The fierce gun battle neutralized the dreaded LeT militants. By this time, he was seriously injured with bullets in his skull, abdomen and the right eye profusely bleeding. Though he was loosing consiousness, he did not let his rifle go silent​. His love for the motherland exceptionally transcended the physical pain. As long as he was consious, he kept emptying the magazine. Soldiers’ unmatched courage accomplished the mission and Cheetah has to be air lifted to AIIMS, New Delhi. He was in coma for two months, and it was no less than a miracle that he was alive.

“I am rocking”, he said when wheeled out of hospital. CRPF and the nation is proud of Chetan Kumar Cheetah, who set an example of great valor, exemplary courage and extra ordinary bravery. It’s high time for society to become sensitive towards bravehearts fighting on border and within. It’ll definitely give a sense of comfort to members of armed forces and their loved ones.

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Lesson For A Happier Life

I don’t browse Facebook everyday. But when I do so, I get bored really quick and then obviously I log out. So I came across this wonderful video today. I remember watching similar video for the first time back in some orientation program at IIT Home. I liked it then as I liked it today.

Philosophy professor enters the class. To everyone’s surprise, instead of taking out his laptop, today he had brought an empty jar along with few golf balls. Keeping it on the table he put all these golf balls in the jar. A fine eye-contact with every student and he asks, “Is this jar full?”

“Yes”, answered students in unison.

Smiling, professor took out a fistful of pebbles from his bag and put them in the jar. Pebbles adjusted in voids between the golf balls.

“So, is the jar full now?”, professor asked again.

‘Yes, sir’ was the answer.

The smiling professor this time took out a smaller bag containing sand which he poured in the jar. Sand adjusted itself occupying remaining empty space in the jar. Professor again asked the same question to students.

“Yes, sir”, replied students, this time with more confidence.

Expecting the same answer, professor now took out a pint of beer from his bag which started giggles in the audience. He proved that jar could still be filled with beer as it percolated through the sand.

“Now my dear friends, the jar is full. Imagine the jar as your life. The golf balls are the most important things for you like your family, friends, your health, happiness etc. These should be of the highest priority. Pebbles, some other slightly less important things like your car, job or money. The sand on the other hand, is like all other remaining things, which are of even lesser priority. If you decide to pour sand first in the jar, it’ll occupy the jar and you won’t have space for pebbles and balls. If you spend energy for small stuff, you won’t have time for really important stuff that matters to you the most. Set your priorities because everything else is just sand.”

A curious student raised the hand and asked, “Sir, what does the beer represent?”

“I’m glad you asked that”, said professor smiling and continued,”It means no matter how full your life appears to be, there’s always room for a couple of beers with friends!”






Without a Past – Part 3

This is the final part of the story ‘Without a Past’. Find previous parts here: Without a Past – Part 1  and Without a Past – Part 2

A couple of days later….

“Kirti, have you seen Pratyusha?” asked Kunal from the other room.

Kirti walked in with an envelope in a hand. Pin drop silence, she handed it over to Kunal. He was traumatized to see Pratyusha had resigned. His worst nightmare had come true.

“Did she know about yesterday?” asked saddened Kunal. “I feel so sorry, Kirti. What do I do now?”

“Maybe she knows. Do meet her and apologize. Tell her you trust her, that you love her. Let her know it was impossible for you to avoid meeting Veer. I’m sure she’ll understand”, Kirti’s confidence helped him. Anyhow Kunal knew how to reach Pratyusha.

“If you trusted me, why did you go to meet him?” Pratyusha was joined by Kunal and Kirti. “There was a reason I asked you not to visit him. Look at you, you can’t even keep promise for a few days. Veer kept his promise till his last breath”, Pratyusha wasn’t crying but she was deeply hurt.

“What do you mean….” asked Kunal but was interrupted by Pratyusha.

“Since the time you met him yesterday, he stopped reacting to treatment. You’re right Kunal, Veer died a couple of hours ago. Do you really think, it is natural death?” Pratyusha was now in teary eyed. “Answer me, Kunal, answer me.”

“Yes, it is”, said a voice across door. It was Veer’s father joining the conversation. “I’ve treated you like my daughter, Pratyusha. Don’t blame him for my son’s death. Veer died because he saw that there’s Kunal to take care of you. I’m sure he must have celebrated the moment within himself knowing that Kunal love you, the way he loved you. He just wanted to see you happy Pratyusha. He took his last breath when he came to know about Kunal.”

“Trust me, I don’t hold you responsible”, he continued, this time speaking to Kunal. “If my son died just because you visited him, I thank you for freeing my son and me from extreme pain. Don’t feel bad about it, but as a tribute to Veer, always keep her happy”, he said, pointing to Pratyusha and left the room.

“How and why should I trust you?” asked Pratyusha.

“You’re misunderstanding, dear. It wasn’t about you, but me….” Kunal was trying to convince Pratyusha.

“Enough you guys”, Kirti lost her patience. “Pratyusha, tell me, do you love Kunal?”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s morally incorrect…”

“We’ll decide that later”, interrupted Kirti. “Just tell me, do you love him or not? I’ve troubled myself enough to make up my mind. It’s just for you, I’m letting go of my right for Kunal. Just for you, I’m letting him go. Nevertheless, even he knows how much I love him. We have always been more than just best friends. Whatever it is, you guys fix it among you. I can’t always come for setting things right between you guys. My heart can’t afford that”, Kirti walked away with a heavy heart.

“You can’t afford losing Kunal Narang, Pratyusha. Please say yes”, said Kunal staring deep into her eyes.

“Maybe Kirti is right, when I had agreed for marriage with Veer, I didn’t really love him. I still gave him a chance and he succeeded. I know living with this past won’t be easy. But I love you, Kunal and at this point, it is more than enough for me. Let’s go”, Pratyusha’s smile made Kunal’s day.


Fast forward few years….

Kunal and Pratyusha got married but the almighty had different plan for them. The poor couple’s joy didn’t last long. In an untoward incident, some a group of people attacked Kunal and Pratyusha on their way to home. Well he did save her but not without an injury on her head. The injury turned fatal and took a toll on Pratyusha’s memory.

“Hurry up, Kunal, we’re already late. You know she doesn’t like you being late”, said Kirti as she stepped out of Kunal’s Mercedes.

Kunal rang the doorbell. “Hi Vaishali aunty, are we late? Where is Pratyusha?” he greeted as she opened the door.

“There she is. Happy birthday Pratyusha!” Kunal and Kirti exclaimed as they saw her sitting on the couch.

“Thank you so much and yes, you guys are late by a minute and half”, she said as she stood up to hug them. Pratyusha then ran to bedroom with a piece of cake after cake-cutting ceremony and everyone can hear a Thank you in her happy voice coming from inside.

“She forgot everything about us, our marriage, the love we had, every single thing….” said Kunal to Kirti as they watched Pratyusha talking to hypothetical Veer from window. “All she carries is the burden of thoughts about what Veer has done for her. The commotion left no past for us.”

“It’s been a couple of years, Kunal. You should probably tell her the truth now”, suggested Kirti.

“She won’t be able to handle it. I still love her the same, so it doesn’t matter to me. She doesn’t know who I am, but I still know she’s my wife. I can make it work.”

“What if she comes to know the truth somehow? Will you be able to deal with it?” asked Kirti out of curiosity.

“Well I don’t know that. But I do know that you’ll always be there for me” replied Kunal.

“You always take me for granted, don’t you?”

“Like always, always”, Kunal winked at Kirti and both burst into laughter.

~~~ ❤ ❤ ❤ ~~~

The End

Inspired by Mitwa


Without a Past – Part 2

This is in continuation to Without a Past – Part 1. Read it here

Fast forward few months….

“Is this what you’re wearing for the conference?” Kirti just joined Kunal in his room.

“Oh conference! Kirti, my honey, you please manage it for me. I’m having an important mission for today”, answered Kunal with his signature running-from-responsibility smile.

“No, you can’t skip this meeting. And are you proposing her today?” asked surprised Kirti.

“You always guess correct, my darling”, he said picking up his Mercedes keys.

“No, wait, we’re still not clear about Mr. Pratap’s proposal…”

“I trust you, Kirti. Go ahead”, Kunal interrupted her and shut the door behind him to leave.

Pratyusha arrived to see Kunal already sitting at a table that offer a perfect view of sea. The ambiance couldn’t have been any better with cool breeze and dusk light at the beach. All these months, even Kunal knew Pratyusha’s feeling for him. After some casual talk, chilly paneer and a Choco Frappe, he made his point. Not fancy, but he expressed how much he loved her, looking right into her eyes.

“Will you please marry me?” he smiled opening the sparkling ring box to her.

“What happened, Pratyusha? I’m the one who should be nervous, why are you?” he couldn’t resist not asking.

“I can’t be with you, Kunal. I should’ve told you earlier, before all this…” she choked, unable to continue. Her statement was enough to vanish smile on Kunal’s face.

“Why… what are you talking about? I… I thought you too…. I can’t understand.”

“I was raised in an orphanage but with camaraderie since I was five. I wasn’t lucky enough to spend time with my parents. I hardly recall their faces now.” Kunal could see her eyes shining as a tear roll down her left cheek. “Vaishali aunty, who ran our orphanage arranged my wedding. Veer and his family was undoubtedly good, but I was never looking forward for it. I didn’t feel like getting married. But it was Veer’s love and Vaishali aunty who convinced me for wedding. We got engaged in a glitzy ceremony. He did everything to keep me happy. He promised to do the same till his last breath.”

“But you never told me that you’re married”, Kunal finally spoke up.

“We didn’t get married Kunal. Our wedding day never came. Before that came an unfortunate accident and everything was shattered. The horrendous day destroyed his family, dreams about us, his life”, Kunal could see Pratyusha gasping.

“I’m so sorry. But it has been long he left us. You should move on honey, shouldn’t you?” Kunal expressed exactly what he felt.

“That accident killed his mother but Veer is not dead, Kunal. He’s in coma. I go to spend time with him every evening. That is why I denied night shifts”, Pratyusha couldn’t hold her tears.

Kunal couldn’t imagine worse. He rose from his chair and hugged her assuring everything would be fine, even though both knew it was uncertain.

“Veer and I have been together since long. I never really loved him, I just love.… I love you Kunal, but I can’t be with you”, said Pratyusha, wiping her tears. “Veer is living up to his promise to love me till last breath. It’s my payback time, Kunal. At least for what Veer did for me, for the sake of our togetherness. I must not betray him leaving him at this stage.”

Kunal can understand what Pratyusha was going through. Today she made him love her even more. Kunal wasn’t habitual of taking a no from girls. But this was different.

“One more thing, Kunal”, said Pratyusha, now calm. “Please don’t try to meet Veer. I don’t want you to meet him.”

“But why Pratyusha? He’s brain-dead, he won’t even know me”, Kunal spoke his heart out.

“That’s what doctor said, but I know he can still feel few things. I told you about Veer because I love you. This is my entirely different world. You show up there and he’ll know. I don’t want him to know about you, about our relationship.”

“I still love you the same. I know I can’t live without you, Pratyusha”, he couldn’t resist expressing and it brought a smile on her face. Her beautiful eyes never failed to mesmerize him. He was hypnotized to her fragrance.

Kunal spent sleepless night, intentionally missing several phone calls from Kirti. He knew he couldn’t tell her over phone. Next morning he narrated Kirti everything from previous night.

 ~~~ ❤ ❤ ❤ ~~~

The final part of the story Without a Past – Part 3 to be published on April 05, 18:00 IST


Without a Past – Part 1

“Why the hell did you hire her? Who does that when having several better options?” said Kirti entering the capacious balcony in Kunal’s private mansion.

“Kunal Narang, as they call me. And do you really think she’s not qualified for this position?” answered smiling Kunal as he turned back to see his best friend.

“She’s absolutely qualified for the job, but she won’t be doing night shifts. She mentioned it quite clearly and you still hired her?” Kirti trying to make more sense.

“I like her cavernous, meditative eyes. And did you know she’s the first girl I found who wasn’t highly excited with me around?”

“Oh I see, seems like playboy has already begun flirting with the new recruit, huh?”

“Of course, we had coffee and breakfast together. Just the two of us!” Kunal winked.

“Well, that’s nothing new for me. But buddy, I’m really worried about this position. It’s too much work and she won’t be able to work….” Kirti patted on Kunal’s biceps as he interrupted.

“I know, don’t worry. We do have huge staff. And if anything goes wrong, I know you’re there.”

“You always take me for granted, don’t you?”

“Like always, always. And she’ll be coming for tonight’s party”, smiled Kunal as he pulled Kirti for a hug. She reassuringly rested her head on Kunal’s chest.

~ ~ ~

Kunal looked up staring at bright white stars as a boisterous party raged downstairs. He either needed to be alone for thinking or someone very close to him, in which case, Kirti would always accompany him.

“You were absolutely right, sir”, said a soft feminine voice. “But don’t you think, Mr. Thakur won’t be with us for next contract?” Pratyusha continued as she walked up to Kunal.

He was happy seeing her there and nodded.

“There have been a few similar incidents before. And Thakur is just my client. I don’t care about the incident downstairs, I don’t care even if he discontinues this project. I’ve lost more important people in my life.” Kunal took a deep breath.

“I am sincerely thankful to you sir. I really needed this job”, said Pratyusha getting less personal.

“I like your eyes. I could read my thoughts in them. It reminds me of my parents, my dear ones who left me……” Kunal continued talking, he knew he was falling for her. “What’s your story? I don’t know much about you.”

“What do you want to know, sir?”

“Why did you refuse night shifts, even when the pay is really good?” asked Kunal curiously and continued “of course, only if it’s fine for you to tell me.”

“I have a past, sir. I think it’s late, I should leave now. See you tomorrow”, said Pratyusha as she walked past him.

~~~ ❤ ❤ ❤ ~~~

to be continued….